Lots of Shallots (s1e1) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck find some free seeds in their newspaper and plant them to see what grows.”

Perimeter Pals (s3e27) starting shortly!
“Sarah, Duck and Bug attempt to cycle all the way around the park.”

Snowball Skate (s3eNone) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck discover an amazing skating rink inside a giant snowball!”

Cinema Scoot (s3e38) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck join Scooter Boy at the cinema to watch his favourite film.”

Puncture Pump (s1e32) starting shortly!
“When their tandem gets a flat tyre, Sarah and Duck get help from the local bike shop.”

Balloon Race (s1e31) starting shortly!
“Scarf Lady takes to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon to race against an old friend.”

The Haber Dasher (s3e37) starting shortly!
“When the zip on Sarah's hoodie breaks, Scarf Lady suggests a trip to the haberdasher.”

Park Trimming (s3e36) starting shortly!
“A patch of garden in the park needs some care, but where is the gardener?”

Hedge Opera (s3e35) starting shortly!
“Sarah is fascinated by some mysterious music coming from the hedge.”

Brolly Bus (s3e34) starting shortly!
“When Umbrella gets left on the bus, Sarah and Duck head to the bus depot to find him.”

Whatsathingy (s3e33) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck try to work out exactly what Scarf Lady has been knitting in her sleep.”

Woollen Memories (s2e30) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck decide to recreate the footage from Scarf Lady's old film reels.”

Cinema Scoot (s3e38) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck join Scooter Boy at the cinema to watch his favourite film.”

Comet's Coming (s3e32) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck are excited to visit the observatory to see a passing comet.”

Boo Night (s3e31) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck learn all about Boo Night and attempt to make their own scary costumes.”

Cloud Jam (s3e30) starting shortly!
“Music Lady needs Sarah and Duck's help with a music-loving stowaway.”

Castle Scribbling (s3e29) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck visit a castle, where they make an exciting discovery.”

Pillow Fill (s3e28) starting shortly!
“Scarf Lady helps Sarah and Duck catch the fluffs and puffs to refill their pillows.”

Basking Shark (s3e19) starting shortly!
“Sarah is keen to adopt a sea creature, but doesn't get her first choice.”

Birthday Buoy (s3e7) starting shortly!
“Sarah, Duck and Flamingo arrange a nautical surprise for John's birthday.”

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