Camera (s1e21) starting shortly!
“Inspired by a nature documentary, Sarah and Duck attempt to take photographs of birds.”

Pond Prose (s2e36) starting shortly!
“Sarah is inspired to make up some poetry of her own by listening to a record.”

Moon's Exhibition (s2e35) starting shortly!
“A trip to the art gallery unexpectedly helps Duck with the hunt for his lost toy Rhino.”

Tummy Talk (s2e34) starting shortly!
“When Sarah forgets her sandwich, her rumbling tummy starts a conversation with a frog.”

Toggle Tangle (s2e33) starting shortly!
“After Sarah helps Scarf Lady prepare the wool for her roof, she settles down for a sleep.”

Bubble Bumbling (s2e32) starting shortly!
“The Bubble Man is in town so a visit to the Big Shop is in order.”

Strawberry Souffle (s1e20) starting shortly!
“A sleepy Sarah attempts to bake a dessert for a hungry Duck.”

Coloured Light (s1e19) starting shortly!
“Rainbow's colourful glow inspires an art project.”

Beach Break (s2e31) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck decide to spend a day at the beach and plan to build some sand animals.”

Woollen Memories (s2e30) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck decide to recreate the footage from Scarf Lady's old film reels.”

Star Renovation (s2e29) starting shortly!
“Venus has attempted to redecorate the night sky, causing confusion.”

Lemon Cafe (s2e28) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck discover a Lemon Cafe in the park, but it seems to be nearly closing time.”

Wool On Wheels (s2e27) starting shortly!
“Scarf Lady holds a knitted treats sale in the park, but the weather causes a problem...”

Stargazing (s1e18) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck are excited about seeing some shooting stars.”

Ribbon Sisters (s1e17) starting shortly!
“Sarah and Duck are trying to exercise, but the neighbours need their help.”

Music Fixer (s2e26) starting shortly!
“Sarah's tuba is making some very peculiar sounds, so a trip to the music shop is in order.”

Scooter Stand Still (s2e25) starting shortly!
“Scooter Boy's confidence is knocked after an accident, so Sarah and Duck try to help.”

Lost Librarian (s2e24) starting shortly!
“The librarian has lost his big reference book and Sarah thinks she can help.”

Cake Relocate (s2e23) starting shortly!
“Cake is tired of living in the fridge, so Sarah and Duck help him think of other ideas.”

Extra Bounce (s2e22) starting shortly!
“John's yellow bouncy ball is too bouncy, but Sarah thinks she has a solution.”

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